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A Delicious Spin on Fundraising

Sweet Jenny's has an impressive track record supporting successful fundraising events.  We have supported causes such as MADD, The Biffalo Zoo,  Whether it’s one of our Ice Cream Cake Fundraisers, or a Celebrity Scoop night, our fun flavor can help your school or organization bring in money by the scoopful.

Celebrity Scoop Night

Your school or organization can host a Celebrity Scoop Night at Sweet Jenny's Williamsville or a location of their choice, during which you, members of the school or organization, and/or local celebrities are featured as the "Celebrity Scoopers" and actually serve our famous homemade ice cream to customers.

Premium Ice Cream Cake, Pie or Pint Fundraiser

With the Sweet Jenny's Ice Cream Cakes Fundraiser, your school or organization earns $5.00 toward achieving your fundraising goals for each Sweet Jenny's Ice Cream Pie sold. A school or organization with 20 sellers selling just 10 pies each can earn $1,000! Parents, family and friends can pre-order  from our gourmet line of Ice Cream Pies, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, or simply dessert.

Best of all, you won't have to handle or deliver a singleSweet Jenny's Ice Cream Pie—We will provide you with vouchers redeemable at the local store for the selected Ice Cream Pie. Your supporters can redeem this voucher for up to one full year. What other fundraiser allows your supporters to purchase a premium desert item on their own schedule, up to an entire year?

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